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Dental Technology Sacramento, CA

Digital X-Rays

Highly detailed images and important information can be obtained through the use of X-rays, and Dr. Margaret Bobinski, your local Sacramento, CA dentist uses them to look inside your jaw and bone structure to diagnose problems that would otherwise remain hidden. However, X-rays can be harmful and can even cause cancer with prolonged exposure, which is why heavy lead vests are used. That potential danger is one of the reasons why Dr. Bobinski uses a digital X-ray system at his office. As well as providing one of the highest quality digital images, it also reduces the amount of radiation by 80 percent when compared to traditional X-ray systems. It is a great asset to have in our office. Contact us for additional information on digital X-rays.

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Intraoral Cameras

One of the most beneficial pieces of technology we have at Margaret Bobinski, DDS is an intraoral camera. This allows Dr. Margaret Bobinski to view detailed images from even the most hard to reach places in the mouth. This has added benefits to patients because, as well as allowing them to see for themselves, it allows our dentists to much more effectively investigate and diagnose potential problems. This extra point of view is sometimes needed during more complex procedures and we are happy to implement it at our office since it improves our service for our patients. For a dentist in Sacramento, CA who has access to an intraoral camera, contact Margaret Bobinski, DDS.

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